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My name is Juan Lopez

I have been guiding birdwatching and photography tours here in my native Colombia for over 15 years. I know the best spots to see and photograph all of the AMAZING birds here in Colombia and would love to show them to you. 


To start planning your trip to Colombia contact me using the button below.

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My Story

I started my journey in ecotourism 20 years ago as a driver and guide offering Medellin city tours. A few years later, I got the opportunity to work with a birdwatching tour company and immediately knew that this was much more interesting to me!  I got a field guide to the birds of Colombia and started to study the birds, their names and habitats and also to improve my English. Before long I was able to start offering my services as a driver AND as a bird guide.


Over the next 10 years or so I began to explore every nook and cranny of Colombia with birdwatchers from around the world. There are not too many birding areas in Colombia that I have not visited! During this time I was taking pictures with a small point and shoot camera that I owned. I really enjoyed trying to capture the images, but to be honest the equipment really wasn't up to the task. In 2018 I finally got my first DSLR camera and a decent telephoto lens. Finally I could start taking some better images of birds.  

I continue to try to improve my skills as a photographer and really enjoy working with other amateur and professional photographers to help them achieve the images of their dreams.  I have worked with many of the top professionals working in the field today and really enjoy helping co-guide photography tours as well as birding tours throughout Colombia.

If you have always wanted to visit Colombia and see and / or photograph some of the amazing birds that live here I'd love to help you. Send me an email and lets start planning your Colombian bird adventure!


I'm looking forward to connecting with you and sharing the birds of Colombia. Let's connect!

+57 311 7144222 (Colombia)

Testimonials: Happy Birders & Photographers

"I cannot say enough good things about the services of Juan from Colombia Easy Travels. For each of my 4 visits to Colombia I have worked with Juan. He is an excellent driver. Speaks good English. Is kind and fun to spend time with. And he knows the birds EXTREMELY well.


If you are planning an individual or small group trip to Colombia you will be glad you chose Juan."


Glenn Bartley, Canada

"In May-June of 2022 I was on a birding trip in Colombia with Juan as my guide.  Even though this was my 15th  trip to Colombia, if I remember correctly, and limited to Antioquia this time, I still managed to see quite a few lifers. Juan was an excellent guide. He is not only good at spotting and identifying the birds, but he knows where to find them. He is both energetic and patient and goes out of his way to please the customer.

He even went back to the lodge one day to get my binoculars! Besides the birding we also visited Comuna 13 in Medellín and the small town of Anorí, where Juan spent part of his youth, and there again he was a fountain of information. Strongly recommended "

Rob Hunter, USA

"Juan is a wonderful, certified birding guide for Columbia. He knows where the species are located and will do whatever it takes to locate, get good looks and facilitate photography.


Moreover, he is really good company with a super sense of humor, which is an asset since you will spend countless hours together.


You will not be disappointed!"



Walt Jenkins, USA

"Juan Lopez  is nice and fun guide that I worked with a few times, we had lots fun and laugh whilst taking bird photos.


He is hard working and really pay attention to customers’ needs, like typical Latino, warm, friendly and always happy to help.


Above all, he has fantastic skills to work as bird guide, helped me photographing many cool bird’s species, he prepares his job carefully and thoroughly to ensure us to take good photos and always try to find new spots for rarer and more challenging birds of good photography opportunities.


Plus his driving skill is excellent, for traveling in Colombia, it’s essential to guarantee us to get to next destination safely.


I had amazing photos with him of both endemic ant tanager species photos, and Tooth-billed hummmingbird photos, which is one of my favourite hummer"

Dustin Chen, UK

"We had a fantastic birding adventure with Juan Lopez .  


 He was great at logistics.  Lost luggage?  He tracked down and collected our bags without losing any birding time.


 The hotel that bungled our reservations?  He smoothly fixed our lodging problems.


 And he was great at guiding. He knows the birds' habits and calls.   He found plenty of rare and hard-to-find birds for us.


 We highly recommend him for your birding trip to Colombia"

Dana Gardner
Michael Chinn, USA

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